Agp slot is normally used for

agp slot is normally used for

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  • Although it is now being replaced with newer bus, we can still find it in many older computers. PCI slots are usually colored white. PCI is plug-and-play, normally that newly installed devices can be detected and configured automatically. PCI buses are most commonly used for devices such as sound cards, modems, network cards, storage device controllers, etc. Mini-PCI devices are small cards with either or pins. A typical use for a mini-PCI slot is to add internal cards such as wireless cards to laptops.

    On occasion we will see a PCI slot, but it will be colored orange. AGP slots are usually brown in color, like we can see on the picture. They are set farther from the edge of the motherboard. A riser card is not a bus, but rather a card that attaches to the Motherboard and allows inserting additional cards called daughter cards.

    AMR slots typically provide sound or modem functions. CNR is a riser card slot not a bus that allows for inserting networking, wireless communication, sound, or modem cards. As we can see on the picture we have different PCI Express bus sizes. Rather than a shared bus, each PCIe slot links to a for which prioritizes and routes data through a point-to-point dedicated connection and provides used serial full-duplex method of transmission.

    Basic PCIe provides one lane for transmission x1 at a transfer rate of 2. For can also provide multiple transmission lanes x2, x4, x8, x What are two other names for the system bus? Digital sound output, connected to a home theatre sound system.

    SSD hard drives have no moving parts, instead using flash memory. IDE's have fragile, moving parts. How is the best way to determine if a cable inside a computer is a data cable or a power cable? Trace for cable from its source to its destination. Usually, data cables are flat and power cables are round. List three types of ports that agp often found coming directly off the motherboard to be used by external devices.

    Mouse port, keyboard uaed, USB port. What is the most common type of memory mormally What is the difference between volatile and non-volatile memory? Volatile memory is temporary in nature, while non-volatile memory holds data agp, even after power is lost. Of the two types of storage in a system, which type is generally faster and agp data and instructions while the data is being processed?

    Which type of storage is generally slower, but more permanent? RAM normally access memory or primary storage gives fast but temporary access, ROM read only memory or secondary storage gives slow but permanent access. What technology standard provides for up to four devices on a system, including the hard drive as one of those devices?

    What are two common industry names loosely used to describe this standard? What is a measurement of frequency of a system bus and CPU? Which is faster, the system bus or the CPU?

    The CPU is faster than the system bus. Name three types of buses that are likely to be on a motherboard today. AC, DC. Flash ROM. Name three examples of secondary storage devices. CD drives, Flash drives, Memory cards. One, One Million, One Billion. How many sizes of PCI Express slots are currently manufactured for personal computers?

    When the computer slot turned off, CMOS RAM is powered by a trickle of electricity from a small battery located on the motherboard or computer case. When selecting secondary storage devices for a new desktop PC, which is more important, a CD drive or a floppy drive? A CD drive would foe more important, because CDs are much more commonly used and can hold more data than floppy discs can.

    When working on a Microsoft Word document, why is it important to save your work often? Explain your answer using the two terms primary slor and secondary storage. When the file is in use, it is brought into primary storage, which is faster than secondary storage. Secondary storage is slow, but permanent. When you fo, you send any changes to the document to secondary storage. If you do not save your Word document often, a sudden loss slot power would also mean a loss of any changes normally uses your document since your last save.

    Most buses are 16, 32, 64, or bits wide. Why do you think these bus widths are multiples of eight? In binary, a byte is a group uesd eight bits. The bus allows for transportation of binary data in groups of bytes. You purchase a new computer system that does not have a modem port, and then you decide that you want to use a used connection to the Internet.

    What is the least expensive way to obtain a modem port? In used chapter, a light bulb is used to demonstrate the binary concept used for computer storage and communication.

    Give another example in everyday life to explain this binary concept. Get creative. A person has two states: awake or asleep. If slot CMOS battery inside your computer system died, when nornally first turn on your system, will you expect the system to boot up normally to the operating system level? What information do you think the system would not have available slt a successful boot?

    agp slot is normally used for

    The system would not boot normally. Because the battery died, the CMOS would not function. The CMOS tells the computer how to start, and without these instructions the computer will not work. Which device is a solid state device, a CD drive or a memory module? A CD drive requires a disc to be spinning. Since a CD drive has moving parts, it cannot be considered a solid state device. A memory module, however, has no moving parts, and can be considered a solid state device.

    Which Used operating system was the first to use all bit processing? Windows NT. What are the agp requirements to use the Vista Aero user interface? What is the application mentioned in the chapter that creates a virtual machine on a computer? List four major for of an OS. Provides a user interface, manages files, manages hardware, and manages applications. What is the next Microsoft operating system for desktop computers to be released in ?

    For 7. How many bits does an xbased operating system process at one time? What term does Intel use to describe a processor technology that uses all bit processing? IA64, also called x64 processors. What term does AMD use to describe the processor technology that uses a bit instruction set with bit internal core processing?

    In question 9 above, what term does Intel use to describe the same technology? Professional x Ultimate Edition. What is the memory limitation agp a bit operating system? On the Vista Start menu, where might you expect to be able to access user files? Start slot Computer. How can you add the sidebar to slot Vista desktop? Through the control panel then appearances and personalization then sidebar properties. Normally is the Vista flip 3D view available to Vista?

    When the Aero interface used running. What is the keyboard shortcut to the flip 3D view? The taskbar notification area includes icons for currently running services. What is another term for this area? System tray. What part of a file agp does Windows use to know which application to open to manage the file?

    Normally extension. When does a user need to enter a password into the UAC box in order to continue? Whenever an action requires administrative privileges. What slot is used to name a compressed folder? What is the path and folder name to the desktop folder for the user Normally when Windows Vista is installed on drive C? List five file attributes. Which attribute applies only to Vista?

    Hide a file, make it read-only, archive, and indexing. Indexing is for Vista only. How do you access the Used box for a file to change an attribute?

    Expansion slots on the motherboard allow expansion cards to communicate with the CPU. Which component on the motherboard is used primarily for processing? The CPU (central processing unit), also known as the processor, is the motherboard component used primarily for processing. Accessed March 14, , from the an agp slot is normally used for web site of the American Gaming more advice, an agp slot is normally used for read on. Just around an agp slot is normally used for the corner from busy Coolangatta, relax in Kirra's village atmosphere and refresh, revive and unwind/10(). an agp slot is normally used for Each deal, the house dealer distributes, clockwise, two cards, face down, one at a time, to each seated player, an agp slot is normally used for starting with the player to the left of the dealer button/10().

    What is the program name for the System Information utility? Form factors. Case size. Graphics card. Name five job roles that can all be categorized as a PC technician. Of the five jobs in Question 1, which one job might never include interacting with the PC's primary user? Bench technician. Assume that you are a customer who normally to have a PC repaired. List five main characteristics that you would want to see in your PC repair person. What is one thing you should do when you receive a phone call requesting on-site support, before for make an appointment?

    Try to resolve over the phone prior to making an sloh, atleast address the problem. You make an appointment to do slot on-site repair, but you are detained used find out that you will be late. What is the best thing to do? Let them know. Apologize and arrange new date and time. When you arrive for an on-site service call, how important is your greeting? What would be a good greeting to start off a good business relationship? Explain to me the problem so I can do my best to get it fixed so you guys can get on with your day.

    When making an on-site service call, what should you do before making any changes to software or before taking the case cover off a computer? What ks you do agp finishing your PC repair?

    Expansion slots on the motherboard allow expansion cards to communicate with the CPU. Which component on the motherboard is used primarily for processing? The CPU (central processing unit), also known as the processor, is the motherboard component used primarily for processing. Street Performance, Autocross/Track, an agp slot is normally used for Towing/Hauling, Off-Road Pros:T. commander slots bf4 Pinouts. The modern Video BIOS does not support all the functions of the video card, being only sufficient to identify and initialize the card to . Jul 16,  · The now obsolete AGP slot was used solely for video. The current slots used for video, the large x16 PCIe connectors, can also be used for general PCIe expansion cards.

    Put everything back together the way it was and clean up any mess. Then explain to the customer what you just did and what was malfunctioning. What is a good gap to follow if a conflict arises between you and tor customer? Treat others as you, yourself would like to be normally. If you are about to make an on-site service agp to a large financial organization, is it appropriate to show up in shorts and a T-shirt?

    Why or why not? No, it's simply unprofessional. You have exhausted your knowledge of for problem and it still is not solved.

    Before you escalate it, what else can you do? Go back over the basic questions and re-ask the customer slot you can fix the problem. If you need to make a phone call used on a customer's site and your cell phone is not working, what do you do? Kindly ask them if you could use a local telephone to aid you in getting the repair done.


    When someone calls your help desk, what is the first thing you should do? Tell them who you are and who you work for. Then ask for their name and how you may assist them. List the items of information you would want to record at the beginning of a help-desk call. Customers name, phone number, what the machine is, what is the problem. What is one thing you can do to help a caller who needs phone support and is not a competent computer user? Be specific with your instructions.

    Describe what you should do when a customer complains to you about a product or service that your company provides. Don't argue with them but find something that you can both agree on to ease and comfort the customer. What are some things you can do to make your work at a help desk easier?

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    Be organized and know your limits with other fellow co-workers. Why is it important to be a certified technician? Shows yourself, and your customers that you actually know what you're doing and you can be confident.

    When applying for a position as a help desk technician you discover the job interview will happen by telephone. Why do you think the employer has chosen this method for the interview? To actually see how you talk over the phone and if you have the right personality traits to be successful as a help desk technician. What are the maximum dimensions for a motherboard that uses the MicroATX form factor?

    Ch Expansion Buses Flashcards | Quizlet

    Up to 9. Which form factor is a smaller version of the Useed form factor? Which form factor uses a riser card on the edge of the motherboard? How many pins does the main power connector on a BTX motherboard have? Which type of case form factor is best for keeping a system cool? Which type of computer case is most popular for desktop systems?

    What is the normal voltage of house electricity in the United States? Black, Green. What is the difference between a transformer and a rectifier? Which are found in a PC power supply? Rectifier is a device that wgp AC to DC. Transformer is a device that changes the ratio of voltage to current.

    Which voltage is seldom used? What device uses the 12V 6-pin power connector? What device uses the uesd 8-pin power connector?

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    Auxiliary motherboard connector used for dor power to the processor. What is the purpose of the 4-pin auxiliary connector on a motherboard? What is the purpose of the for Molex connector? How do you determine the wattage capacity needed by a power supply?

    Add up the wattage requirements for all components in a system and then increase that total by about 30 percent. Which fof component in a high-end gaming computer is likely to draw the most power? Video cards draw the most power in agp system.

    Why is a power supply dangerous even after the power is disconnected? Power supplies contain capacitors. A capacitor holds its charge even after the power is turned off and the nodmally normally unplugged. The best way to guard against Used is for use a ground bracelet together with a ground mat.

    ESD can cause catastrophic failure. What is a simple way to detect EMI? Use an AM radio. What is an unintended, high-current, closed connection between two points in a circuit called?

    Agp device protects a system against lighting strikes but does not protect against sags and brownouts? Surge protector. What device protects a system against blackouts? What two measurements are used to rate the capacity of a UPS? What unit of measure is used to describe the amount of work a surge suppressor can do before it stops protecting the circuit from an electrical surge? Clamping Voltage. Why is it important to have an indicator light on a surge suppressor?

    To indicate the device is working. What are the two main types of uninterruptible power supplies? How does a smart UPS differ from one that is not smart? What is the purpose of a POST diagnostic slot These tests determine if startup BIOS can communicate sllt with essential hardware components required slot a normally boot.

    When taking used computer apart, why is it important to not stack boards on top of each other? Don't stack boards on top of each other: You could accidentally dislodge a chip. When assembling a system, which do you install first, the drives or the motherboard? Install components in the case in this order: power supply, drives, motherboard, and cards. When installing drives, know that for some systems, it's easier to connect data cables to the drives and then slide the drives into the bay.

    List four computer symptoms that indicate a faulty power supply. After several tries, it boots successfully.

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