The hanging of black jack the outlaw

the hanging of black jack the outlaw

April 26th, Headsman. Given the way the authorities in Clayton, N. This Texas-born outlaw enjoyed a colorful career in the s Southwest plundering trains, killing folk, and other distinctively American pastimes. His name attaches to the [in]famous Hole in the Wall Gang. He was finally caught attempting a dangerous one-man train robbery, when a conductor taking part in hsnging third stickup, and tired of being on the wrong end of the gunbarrel got the drop on Ketchum and winged him with a shotgun. Too weakened by his injury to escape, Ketchum surrendered himself to the law, and his wounded arm to the surgeons.
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  • It was as if he was daring the lawmen to apprehend him.


    Black Jack also dared anyone to ridicule him as was the case on July 2,when he arrived in Cape Verde, Arizona, and immediately the drunk in black saloon. He then sat down the a poker game with several miners. When two burly miners made fun of his drunken conduct, Ketchum suddenly sobered. Out,aw to his feet, the outlaw swept back his long black hanging so that his two guns showed outlaw then ordered the miners to go for their guns.

    He was a fearsome thd, with dark, piercing eyes, heavy, dark eyebrows jack a thick, black handlebar mustache. The miners reached for their guns and Ketchum fatally shot them both.

    He then fled the town.

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    The following year, Black Jack's brother and all of his gang members had been arrested, jailed or killed. He was now alone but, undaunted. As Ketchum was scooping up a few hundred dollars in cash from the baggage car safe, the guard reached for a gun and Ketchum shot him in the jaw.

    He then leaped from the car and began to run toward his horse when conductor Frank Harrington jumped down from a passenger car, firing at him with a shotgun.

    Black Jack Ketchum: The Jilted Outlaw

    Ketchum turned and faced Harrington and both men advanced upon each other, blazing away. Ketchum shot Harrington, but not bkack the conductor unloaded a blast of buckshot into Ketchum. The outlaw escaped under the cover of darkness. A train crew found him the next day a short distance down the line.


    He was propped against jqck tree, painfully picking the buckshot out of his chest. Taken to Santa Fe, Ketchum was tried and convicted of train robbery and was sentenced to death. Train robbery was by then a capital offense in certain western states, although Ketchum seems to be the only outlaw who was ever executed for this crime.

     · THE HANGING OF "BLACK JACK" THE OUTLAW - SET OF TWO REAL PHOTO POSTCARDS - ca. This is a great set of two real photo postcards of "Black Jack" Ketchum's hanging in Clayton, New Mexico on April 26, The first image shows Ketchum about to be hanged, and is a negative transfer with good contrast but has lost some  · He lay in a semiconscious state as Black Jack Ketchum emptied his rifle into the bodies of Levi Herzstein and Hermenejildo Gallegos. Tom and Sam Ketchum were never tried for the killings at the Plaza Largo arroyo, but Morris Herzstein reportedly was present in Clayton, New Mexico Territory to witness the hanging of Black Jack Ketchum in Black Jack Ketchum bears the dubious distinction of being the only man sentenced to die in New Mexico for “felonious assault upon a railway train.” Apparently his botched execution set the residents of Union County back a mite, because Black Jack also was the only man ever hanged in Union

    Jailed at Clayton, N. As carpenters finished their task, Ketchum shouted to them from the window hack his cell: "You did a fine th, boys, but why not tear down the stockade so the fellows can see a man hang who never killed anyone? On the day of his execution, April 25,Ketchum refused to confess to a visiting priest.

    The celebrated outlaw smiled and then said: "Have someone play a fiddle when I swing off.

    Tom Ketchum - Wikipedia

    When he was led into the courtyard, Black Jack saw the scaffold and suddenly increased his gait, almost sprinting up the steps of the gallows. Standing beneath the noose of the hangman's rope, Ketchum said loudly to the many witnesses standing at the foot of the gallows: "I'll be thee hell before you start breakfast, boys!

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    Harry Reid's Outlaw Ancestor? -

    The first image shows Ketchum about to be hanged, and is a negative transfer with good contrast but has lost some focus. The second image is Ketchum's headless body at the hanginb of the scaffold, and has great contrast and tone. The cards have AZO backs and are unused, measuring 5.

    Ketchum had a gang of outlaws that included his brother Sam, who died of a wound he received while in a robbery just before Ketchum was captured. Ketchum was caught in when he tried to rob a train alone and was shot in the arm, which was later amputated.

    the hanging of black jack the outlaw

    Ketchum is the only man to be hanged for train robbery in New Mexico, and he is the only recorded outlaw in U.

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