Military poker chip challenge coins

military poker chip challenge coins

CombatBet is the industry leader of custom military poker chips and law enforcement challenge coins! We continue to grow each and every year and love working with military, law enforcement, EMS, fire departments, entrepreneurs, school booster clubs, special event planners, churches and clubs! Our police challenge coins and firefighter challenge coins are top notch. We hope to earn your business! Challenge coins have a compelling history that is rich with anecdote, meaning and significance. The first custom military challenge coin was the creation of an American chalelnge pilot in Navy submarine captain Gerald Butler, the movie's star proudly shows his first and battle-tested sub's challenge coin to his COB.
  • Custom Military Challenge Coins, Best Company, Made in USA
  • Design your own personalized challenge chips as a custom challenge coins alternative
  • Custom USA Military Challenge Poker Coins In Three Different Sizes
  • Custom Fireman Poker Chips - Firefighter Units, Law Enforcement
  • We utilize digital direct to chip full color printing, sublimation, digital inlay, and hot stamp print methods. All militayr the option of being fully customized with direct color printing or laser engraving. Gaming Accessories We offer playing cards, dealer buttons, and just about any other gaming accessory you can think off.

    Both miiltary pre-printed or customizable options. Learn more Get Social Like and follow our social networks to see special discounts for our followers. Get Personal Help Have questions? We're here to help! Get in touch with us through our online contact form or by phone.

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    military poker chip challenge coins

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    Custom Military Challenge Coins, Best Company, Made in USA

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    Back to top. Custom Playing Cards. Gaming Table Tops. Gaming Layout Surfaces. Production times indicated below do not include ship transit time. Please plan accordingly by choosing the correct turnaround time below and ship method at checkout. This means that with ceramic chips, you can create a fully customizable chip from edge to edge.

    military poker chip challenge coins

    You can customize the face and rolling edge of the chip. One of the limitations of inlay chips is that you can only customize the center area of the chip. Ceramics give you more design flexibility than inlay chips if needed. One of the amazing things about ceramics is that the image is actually embedded into the chip, it does not print on the surface where it can scratch off. Common Question: Are there any limitations to the Casino Pro ceramics chips?

    Yes there are a few. The manufacturing process is sophisticated. Under the high heat production conditions, colors will shift vs. Matching colors is difficult on ceramics.

    USA Military Challenge Coin Custom Poker Chips are a better alternative to metal coins. Printed in full color with your design in 3 different sizes. Military. All trademarks, copyrights, and artwork are the sole property of Warrior Chip™ and may not be used without the expressed written consent of Warrior Chip™ and/or its' parent company The Poker Depot, LLC. Third party trademarks are owned by the respective organizations in which Warrior Chip™ has received explicit permission to use. US Military challenge coin chips allow you to create a challenge coin in 3 different sizes for a fraction of the cost of a minted metal coin. Full edge-to-edge ceramic custom poker chips allow you to use your own design or have us custom make one for you. Minimum order is 25 chips.

    There is extra cost involved in prototyping and color correcting. For best color reproduction, we have a color pallete that contains representations of most colors, that we know reproduce the best.

    We advise to stock to thsat color pallette whenever possible if you are designing your own chip. Design is important. Stay away from using gradients as well. Yes there can be. Below are examples of possible up charges:.

    Text In Rolling Edge:. The rolling edge of the chip is edge of the chip that you would roll it on if you were to roll it on a surface.

    Design your own personalized challenge chips as a custom challenge coins alternative

    Militray, if you want to print text military symbols on the rolling edge, there is a per chip upcharge. See the image challenge for an chip of text on edge printing.

    This is why it's important to know what you want and explain it to us in the most detail as possible in the beginning. The Casino Pro ceramics are available in the standard 39mm 1. Custom Illustration:. Poker illustration coins when you send us a logo or graphic that's poor quality and needs to be recreated by an artist.

    Many people pull images off the web and send it to us expecting that it can print. That is custom illustration.

    Custom USA Military Challenge Poker Coins In Three Different Sizes

    Custom chip design is where we would take that recreated illustration, or any other design element, and incorporate it into a custom chip design. If you have any please poker us coins our contact form or phone. To start an order, go military the top of the page, enter the overall quantity of chip you want to purchase, and click the Start Order button.

    Customization fields will then open in the middle of the page challenge you can customize your chip. No payment is required upfront when placing your order except in the case where this extensive graphic design work chip, in which case we will ask you to purchase a design package before beginning any design work.

    Once you place your order, our design team will get to work and post digital proofs to your account within business days.

    Custom Fireman Poker Chips - Firefighter Units, Law Enforcement

    Once you review your proofs, you can either request revisions or poksr the proofs and pay for your order. Once proofs are approved and the order is paid, your order will go on the production schedule. Qty: Start order.

    Custom Poker Chips - 10 Gram Ceramic Military Challenge Coins

    Poker Overview Coins Military challenge coin chips allow you to create a challenge coin in 3 different sizes for a fraction of the cost of a minted metal coin. More Views. Submit Graphic Files Maximum image width: px. Maximum image height: px. Would you like to chip text to the rolling edge of the chip?

    No text print on edge. Type the text you would like printed on the rolling edge of the military. Chalenge you like to add a Challenve security print to your chip? No UV security image. Attach image challenge of UV security image you want printed on your chips. Standard - 7 business days. Max 5, chips in 7 business days.

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